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Your God Will Bleed


Release Date: 04 April 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Transcend Music


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The View So Disgusting 5:29
Your God Will Bleed 4:00
Djinn 3:53
Genocide 4:04
Muffled Screams 5:06
Forget 4:05
Ten Times Stronger 4:49
You Will Scream 1:43
Face Forced Down 4:27
Hubris 4:09


Formed in 2001 in Bergen, Norway by guitarist Martin Legreid, bassist Mads Mowinckel (BREED) and drummer Mads Lilletvedt (BYFROST), HELLISH OUTCAST quickly gained a reputation as one of the most extreme live bands in Bergen's underground scene. HELLISH OUTCAST delivers explicit, aggressive and hellish thrash/death metal, designed to leave you bruised and begging for more! The recent addition of vocalist Thebon (KEEP OF KALESSIN) to the ranks of HELLISH OUTCAST gives the band a keener edge and a new approach to their blood soaked musical style.