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You Talk Too Much


Release Date: 09 July 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Games Today Music


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You Talk Too Much 4.10
Pictures of You 5.04
If I Catch You 4.46


Bendall's Box made music, very highly thought of music, when the 7" was climbing the charts and the mp3 wasn't yet a twinkle in anyone's eye. (The single, 'Nightmares', released to popular acclaim, has since garnered a cult following in neo-wave romantic circles, still eager for more music from this mysterious character.) Now John Bendall has re emerged from the Box;; and there's a new E.P and album and whole lifetime of perspective. But who is John Bendall? 'You don't know who I am' is the title of the forthcoming album and it doesn't suggest we are all about to find out.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here is the EP, 'You Talk Too Much' which features the single of that name and two other diverse and excellent tracks, 'Pictures Of You', inspired by some strange experience in Time Square and 'If I Catch You.'

The band will be playing a few select dates in 2012