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You Say


Release Date: 17 February 2003

Format: CD Single

Label: Genepool Records



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1. You Say
2. 1995



"..... Put simply they sound like the soundtrack to the filthiest houseparty in history;; a dirty booze swilling, tv smashing, bedroom trashing riot with added scuzzy guitars and pounding backbeats. Catch them before the police come round!" (karmadownload)

"They seem to have melded what is a very old school sound to the new school of punk-garage, and this is what gives them the edge" XFM

"There's a real sense of urgency about The Fades, like they're about to lose grip and slide off the edge of reason. Consequently everything has to be tightly squeezed into two minutes of howling reality. What a fantastic record, kind of like listening to The Falls' Totally Wired after drinking six cans of red bull and watching a whole series of 24 in one sitting." (HT)(SANDMAN MAGAZINE)

The Fades – The Fades Not Fade Away … Words :: Nancy Roxx Via scathing riffs and brooding bass lines, this album is raw, vigorous, wiry and enthralling from the off. With this sound, these London based lads have a genuine chance of breaking through. The Fades possess a knack for writing garage-punk with old skool ska and Police-like rhythms that relentlessly grab hold of you and, quite frankly, throttle you. Songs like the belting 'Get Better' and the dirty, rolling riffs of 'Caca', 'Life Support' and 'Fruit Machine' are extremely infectious, putting you in the mood for a good old fashioned riot. 'Music is Killing Me' changes the pace temporarily, with qualities reminiscent of The Clash, oozing sincerity as "This scene is over now, over now" is sung right from the heart. The ten songs that The Fades have chosen for their self titled, debut album are urgent, buzzing and energised, not to mention facetiously jagged and cool. It's a dirty, full on assault;; but still manages to uphold pop appeal.