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You Don't Know Who I Am (part1)


Release Date: 11 February 2013

Format: Digital

Label: Games Today Music


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You Talk Too Much 4.07
Well Here We Go! 4.26
Push Back 4.09
The Fire Inside 5.01
If I Catch You 4.44
Strangers In My Head 4.25
Tempted 4.16
Drums For Cards 4.56
It's The Last Dance 4.22
Pictures Of You 5.01
I Can Do Disaster 4.39
Losing Control 7.16


Part pop,rock,electro and indie, Bendall's Box is definitely an anomaly. After an 'extended break' John Bendall has returned with the self produced 'You Don't Know Who I Am (part 1)'.

It seems that recent work with new and emerging acts has inspired the Box to return to the studio with this self produced album, engineered by Jon Walker and mixed by Paul Corkett (The Cure, Nick Cave, etc).

With 12 tracks on part 1, 'You Talk Too Much', a tilt at the radio windmills, and 'Push Back' a dark and confusing tale of loss and separation seem stand out tracks, together with 'If I Catch You', one of three more reflective songs and 'Losing Control', a wild and extended race through the mind, at over 7 minutes gives an epic conclusion to Part 1.

With over 20 more new tracks written, featured vocalist projects planned, remixes, and live shows Bendall has finally returned to finish what he started all those years ago.

Part 2 to follow later this year and Part 3 at end of 2014