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You Are Here (Vinyl)


Release Date: 07 July 2008

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Genepool Records



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1. Wasted
2. Opened Up
3. Better Things
4. The Pain
5. Tell Me
6. She's Half Crazy
7. There Goes Your Life
8. The Creeping
9. Lonely Highs
10. Soul Receivers
11. Every Light Has Blown
12. Balloons
13. Zither Song
14. Beautiful Freaks


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I remember a question in the very first interview we ever did , It was a James Olham interview for NME. He asked us " are you for real ", and I guess after being in this business for over fifteen years whilst many of our contemparies have bailed out and taken up other carriers , I feel we can quite honestly say, yes . This lifestyle is all we know and we live and breath it , in as much as we love what we do and couldn't or wouldn't know how to do anything else. More successful bands have come and gone, but when you believe in what you're doing and you create not through necessity of financial gain but love you are truly free . It's been a long old ride and we got on at the age of fifteen in an inner London School called Haverstock ,in a time when it was pretty unfucking cool to carry a guitar . I bought a four track recorder for my sixteenth birthday and we started recording demos that would eventually be released on MO wax records . Even back then it was the joy of finding new ways to record and make music that kept us together .We were always trying new things, like flipping the tape over to record backwards and overdriving the inputs to distort the drums , putting all manner of instruments through whatever pedals we had to find new sounds. With the rise of downloading we have seen many labels fall , Mo wax folded when the first album came out , and the same with Kinetic records and our second album (with the tides ) , along the way we've worked on projects such as , the sound track to the film "sexy beast " and toured with many great bands, but the ethos always remained the same . To be creative and stick to what we believed in . We've never been the sort to jump on a bandwagon and start writing Snow patrol or Keane type ballads to sell more records . Our souls just wouldn't allow us. The South way has always been to push boundaries and never record the same record twice . I once went to a very inspiring question and answer session by the British film director Michael Winterbottem . He was explaining how, to make the films he wanted to make , he would never bow to the traditional hollywood format of gaining major backing before making a film . He would make a film with whatever tools he had , as long as the idea was good it didn't matter . We've always recorded our own demos and in 2004 we set out to construct our own studio to produce and record our third album , it was a liberating time , learning how to use the equipment properly and creating a base where we could write and record freely . It was a very creative period and as artists saw us make the E.P "speed up /slow down " the album, "adventures in the underground journey to the stars " and two of our own music videos. Coming up with good ideas and following through with the means we had . South has become like a cottage industry of creativity . Whilst being proud of what we achieved with "adventures " We feel like it was still a time of learning , but by the time we started on our fourth and latest album , we felt like we were finally in a place where we could commit to tape the ideas in our heads , to the standard that matched the quality of the music . And this brings us to where we are now , "You are here " our latest album , riddled with the experiences and creativity of the past the tip of our journey from here in on in , we hope you enjoy it .