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Xen - The Zen of the Other


Release Date: 31 October 2021

Format: Digital



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Intro - Joseph Matheny [8:18]

Monologue I [8:54]

Monologue II [40:52]

Monologue III [63:06]

The Day After Today [6:46]

Dialogue [36:28]

Trialogue I [16:45]

Trialogue II [97:09]

She Is That [4:57]


Xen: The Zen of the Other is a work that follows one man as he attempts to find his way through the jumble of modernity that envelopes us all and threatens to strangle us in its "Tentacles Longer Than Night."

Cast into a world where the liminal overlaps with the world of paranormal /philosophical speculations, Ezra Buckley struggles to keep his head above water long enough to pluck a jewel of wisdom from the crown of a forest spirit.

In a world devoid of rites of passage, Ezra finds himself on his own as he is confronted with the very real prospect of having a life-changing, Liminal experience in the woods of Big Sur, if he can survive it.

Is it even real?

Is it the legendary Watchers of Big Sur phenomena or something else?