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World At War


Release Date: 15 August 2005

Format: CD Single

Label: Tough Cookie



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1. World At War
2. Eleventh Hour


Drowned in Sound
"4/5 'The Shining' is positively champing at my bit. The verse, a marching army of stunted chords, is trapped in a barking, bullying groove. Like a toy car, it's a song pulled back and ready to gun off into the skirting board..."
The Beat Surrender
"Imagine Franz Ferdinand and The Clash being put into the musical melting pot with the energy and vibrancy of the early Supergrass singles. They are out to steal The Libertines current crown for energetic and melodic, power pop..."
Whisperin and Hollerin
"Your reviewer comes upon THE ALPS with a number of glowing reports of their prowess ringing in his ears, and for once the rumour mill seems to have got it right..."