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Work With Me


Release Date: 30 April 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Skipping Beats



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1. How Things Are Done
2. Tacky Shoes
3. Whistler
4. Character
5. Crying In The Office
6. Sugar Coat
7. Eden Goes Dark
8. Just A Show
9. You and Me
10. One Man's Trash
11. Ineptune
12. Fist in the Sand
13. What I've Been Thinking
14. Raining Sweat
15. Ain't Seen Much


Domer (Adam Nelson) is a Brooklyn, New York based rapper and producer, As part of the MINDSpray crew he's been mapping out new strains of New York Hip-Hop and rocking shows across the US. 'Work With Me' will be the international debut for an artist that's been augmenting his place in the American underground with work appearing everywhere from to Sony-Ericsson ads.

Domer's work intertwines a hook laden pop sensibility with flows that are laden with personal insight and poetic observation. Independent, abstract Hip-Hop in its natural state, always innovative and dizzying 'Work With
Me' is a sharply focused album that resonates with the eclecticism of Beck and couples it with the externalised introspection of Atmosphere.

With little regard for genre conventions the album confidently builds and spans bridges to commute between musical continents. Domer's vocal hooks are endlessly inventive, transforming the longest haul into the shortest

'Work With Me' Shifts effortlessly between the glitchy cut ups and breaks featured on 'Character' and the electro pop beats that propel 'Tacky Shoes'. Throughout the 15 tracks Domer exuberantly correlates the personal and the communal, plotting lines where ever shifting axes represent triumph and resignation.