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Release Date: 17 December 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Rebel Records UK

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DRUGZ! [3:30]

Oh, Hi Mark! [2:16]

Kev [3:49]

Je Suis La Bibliotèque [1:46]

Long-Egg [2:03]

Free Love [3:18]

Everybody Brexit! [2:24]

Ode De Wall [2:57]

Glowstachio [3:42]

Here Is Our Song [3:49]

Got Laid [3:30]


Comedy rock duo from Newbury, were formed one hungover morning in a recording studio to create some of history's greatest anthems. Kind of. Life-long friends Sam Archibald and Lee Robert created WIZZEAU as a tribute to one of the greatest film makers of all time, Tommy Wisseau (audible in the seminal 'Oh, Hi Mark!', and soon embarked on a sparkling career of literally tens of gigs all across Newbury and its thriving wider music scene. The debut album sparkles as a real in-depth take on the human condition. WIZZEAU are not a bnd to be missed.