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White Noise Revisited 2007 / 2013


Release Date: 16 December 2013

Format: Digital

Label: In At The Eye Records


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1. Waiting There 2013 New Version
2.Darkestar 2013 New Version
3.Take Me Away 2013 New Version
4.Whitelight Previously Unreleased
5.Tomorrow Remastered
6.When You Come 2013 New Version
7.Velocity Girls previously unreleased
8.Skywalker 2013 New Version
9.Step Into The High 2013 New Version
10.Tall Buildings In Large Cities 2013 New Version
11.Before You Leave Remastered
12.Theme From Sparta Cigarette 2013 New Version
13.Drinking Bleach 2013 New Version
14.Electro Dronestar Previously Unreleased
15.Skyfall Remastered
16.July Sky 2013 New Version
17.The Times We Have Are Now 2013 New Version
18.Fly With The Light 2013 New Version
19.Yesterday morning 2013 New Version
20.All You've Found You've Left Behind 2013 New Version
21.Time Lasts Forever 2013 New Version
22.City Lights 2013 New Version
23.Already There Previously Unreleased
24.Room 1 2013 New Version
25.I Lost You Remastered
26.Sonic Assault 2013 New Version


Based in Doncaster, England. 93MillionMilesFromTheSun are arguably the finest exponents of the new breed of shoegaze, drone rock that has surfaced over the last few years. The "new" scene in fact being pioneered by this very band!

With the release of the bands 4th Studio album due for release in 2014 the band have put together a collection of their favorite tracks so far.

White Noise Revisited boast 26 seminal new gaze classics from the last 6 years all by 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, featuring previously unreleased, remixed and totally re-recorded versions.