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When the World Stood Still


Release Date: 28 January 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Fat Road Records


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Caught in the Middle [3.57]

Im Alive [6.22]

Without You [8.33]

In this Together [3.42]

When the World Stood Still [5.08]

Move to Fast [6:05]

Broken Words [3:34]

Daylight [3:52]

Refuge [4:39]

Good Stuff [4:56]

Will We Ever [4:25]

Solid Ground [7:55]


Wille & The Bandits have so far recorded five studio albums too critical acclaim and are credited with pushing the boundaries of roots rock into a new era of music lovers. They were listed in the top ten must see bands at Glastonbury Festival by BBC Radio One and were personally invited to perform on the German TV show Rockpalast - a musical institution of global import.

They have played festivals across the world, from Broadway to the West End, and Belgrade to Sydney. They were picked to perform at the London Olympics after being voted one of UK's best live acts. Throughout a performance the band can be seen playing a range of instruments, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes switching between various guitars, bass guitars and percussion within the same song, giving the audience a complete performance, which has seen the popularity of Wille & The Bandits grow at an exceptional rate.

This album documents a time when the world stood still, recorded in a place only accessible on the high tide, on the banks of the river Fowey; one of Britain's most iconic recording studios that is coming to the end of an influential life. This could be the last album recorded at Sawmills, funded by the fans of a band considered one of the most exciting and successful independent acts in Europe.

The combination of one of the country's best live bands, best producer and iconic recording studios has produced something very special with the forthcoming release of When The World Stood Still.