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When Life Falls Silent


Release Date: 17 July 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Black Jasper Records

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When Life Falls Silent


Since they began, Phobetor's drive and vision was to mirror the anguish and chaos of life, to capture its essence and reflect it back into the hearts of the masses. They stand alone while the adherents to genre rage around them. All the desperate, senseless struggles of human existence ensnared in a soul-shaking primal scream. All forms of extreme metal boiling in a cauldron of heartache and fury.

This is When Life Falls Silent and it is the truth behind the veil, the seething turbulence of reality without the comfort of mutually agreed upon deceits. Lurching, staggering riffs that explode into violence, a voice lost in nightmares, unfettered emotion, nerve-shredding tension and unstoppable force...Phobetor