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We Love Machine


Release Date: 25 January 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Hope Recordings



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1. We Love Machine
2. One Bright Night
3. Only Love
4. Body Motion
5. Pleasure Control
6. Future Perfect
7. Survival
8. Ultraviolet
9. Tales Of The Rabid Monks
10. Surrender
11. The Doors Are Where The Windows Should Be
12. Tierra Del Fuego


Ah….the 90's. For electronic dance music this was a golden era and most of the genres finest anthems were born before the millennium cracked with a triple zero. People were Born Slippy with their Block Rockin' Beats while sittin' on Little Fluffy Clouds. You get the idea, but certainly not lost amongst the classics is Way Out West's own divine anthem "The Gift;;" a rebirth of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Legend has it that the track spawned an eye-popping four hundred remixes!) After three albums and many hits later the Bristol duo of Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff have returned for the next round of future hits with We Love Machine. This is their ode to classic analog synths and the beautiful music that's made with them.
Messrs Warren and Wisternoff lie poised for the unveiling of We Love Machine: their fourth full album in sixteen years of partnership. Way Out West (1997) and Intensify (2001), were replete with commercial potential--so much so that the duo cut loose for 2004's Don't Look Now, galvanizing hordes at a sunkissed Glastonbury when they hit them with the airbrakes of "Anything But You". The appointment of vocalist Omi left a lot of guest singers biting dust--to chip in on a Way Out West recording meant either instant dancefloor celebrity or worship from the gold-wired audiophiles. A place in the Top 40 was always a likelihood too--the boys have been there and back four times, hitting the Dance #1 spot with "Mindcircus" (2002) and touching the indie crowd with "Don't Forget Me" (2005).
First out of the shoot is the release of lead single "Only Love" featuring a package of remixes from Jerome Isma Ae, John Tejada and Glimpse. The single is already receiving lots of love from the likes of Laurent Garnier, James Talk, Ivan Smagghe and Kissy Sell Out, among many others. "Only Love" features Jonathan Mendelsohn on vocals and some original 80's-era keyboards that sets It off. Digging a bit into the album, the title track combines those shimmery breaks and lush arrangements that we've come to love from WOW while "One Bright Night and Tierra del Fuego are downtempo cinematic masterpieces. Any comedown is quickly invigorated by the punchy breaks of the aptly titled block party-er "Body Motion." It does what it says to full effect. Back to the sublime, "Survival" is 4/4 gold and one that brings the smile out. It just has "that" great throwback vibe going on. "Future Perfect" is the car chaser of the lot. It's a futuristic barn burner, but in that Vangelis kinda way. We'll whet your appetite for the rest of the album with a visit to the big red spot of Jupiter on "Ultra Violet" .
The Way Out West LPs come slowly, like comets, but when they hit its with the impact of alien technology: Nick's marriage to his beloved Global Underground line keeps him pinned to a factory of innovators, and Jody's nu-disco sidestep with Starstrings this year showed he can dish out the hits like a cruiserweight. You can expect stars to fall come this September when we get to experience fresh WOW. It's been a long time coming but you can bet your last breath that the prize will be fast and shiny.

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