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We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire


Release Date: 01 January 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Thumpermonkey


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If It Works For The Cast Of LA Law, It's Going To Work For Me [2.39]

Whateley [6.34]

I Don't Know If This Is A Matter For Wardrobe Or Hairdressing [4.11]

Proktor Cylex [5.59]

Abyssopelagic [6.35]

419 [6.29]


A person in space, walking, or adrift, but safe, exploring, freedom, discovery.

A clockwork piano contraption, like a giant ballerina box, but turning a big totem pole, around which smart office dressed people slowly dance with dead glazed eyes as a slightly out of tune slow Satie-like Lydian melody loops round.

White men in pith helmets hunting large animals to extinction.