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We Are The Dogs


Release Date: 14 June 2010

Format: CD Single

Label: Moths


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Cost Of Loving 3.19
This Sorry Scene 3.41
The Floor Fell Away 3.54
Long Walk Home 3.54
When I Threw Stones 4.39
Now The Rain Falls 2.23


"Totally irresistible" NME
"Britain's most exhilarating live band" The Sunday Times

Dogs Past.
Johnny, Duncan and Luciano were three childhood friends who had an idea about making music they could hang on to. With the arrival of Rikki and Rich in 2004, that idea solidified into Dogs underneath a London railway arch and it didn't take long before Island Records signed them up.
Debut album 'Turn Against This Land' was released in 2005 to united critical acclaim and achieved 3 top 40 singles. A snapshot into wordsmith Johnny Cooke's observations on what it's like to live and love in England this side of the millenium. "I'll bring you firewood but I will burn your house down!" (Selfish Ways). According to Clash Magazine "Turn Against This Land is a mix of fiery punk and anthemic rock that has more hooks than The Ramones on a fishing trip".
2007's follow up 'Tall Stories from Under the Table' furthered that same blazing spirit. The album features an agonised and heady cast of characters from both literature and real life, "Full of East End aggro and West End wordplay" said Fly Magazine. New found friend and admirer Paul Weller also featured, having joined Dogs in the studio to record album closer Let it Lay.
Dogs Present
Since then Dogs have changed. Paul Warren has replaced Rich on drums. Luciano left to become a full time dad and was replaced by Kevin Iverson on rhythm guitar.
"We searched long and hard to find such great musicians and great new mates" says Johnny
Now in 2010 the boys have taken matters firmly into their own hands and with a little help from their army of dedicated followers have funded and recorded the 'We Are the Dogs EP'. After re-uniting with producer John Cornfield in Sawmills Studio Cornwall this Spring, the record is due for release on the bands' own 'Moths' label early this Summer.

Leaving the more innocent and chaotic beginnings of 2005 far behind, Dogs are now a very different proposition. "We're a new band but proudly flying the same flag" says Johnny, "we were just mucking about before, just learning the ropes". Making full use of Pauls' exceptional talent on the drums there is an almighty driving rhythm to the new material. Rikki and Kevin are exploring new sounds and techniques with their guitars. Johnny is often more measured and melodic in his delivery, and the front line now all have backing vocal duties. When you speak to them about influences and inspirations you will receive a perplexing barrage of names from the likes of Edgar Allen Poe through Chopin, Kyuss, Aphex Twin, Robert Pollard, Montaigne, Blake, Van Occupanther, Elvin Jones, Alain de Botton, Richard Dawkins, Mellon Collie, LTJ Bukem, Fleetwood Mac, Regina Spectre to Punchdrunk Theatre Companies' production of 'Masque of the Red Death'.
Yet however anarchic or archaic their influences might sound, the new songs are very much aligned with their time, reflecting an unstable world. They are tales of loss and darkness but always paired with the characteristic romance, burning defiance and stoic optimism people have come to associate with the band. Dogs are about making music to hang on to.

'We Are the Dogs E.P' is out on Moths Records on June 14th 2010.