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We Are All Refugees (Deckerpark remix) [Feat. Somaye]


Release Date: 17 June 2019

Format: Digital

Label: Deeper Productions

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We Are All Refugees [3:33]


Ms Defiance, producer, artist and rebel
Rebel by name, rebel by nature, rebel by beats: A refugee, Ms Defiance fled from Iran to Britain with her rebel parents as a child. She later rebelled against her parents' culture to follow her heart into music. Rebellion for her is a way of life: She went on her first demonstration at the age of 5 and now creates music to support progressive causes.

Ms Defiance's second release, We Are All Refugees, charts the story of a refugee child.
It is mixed with the negrospirituals Wade in The Water/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Chile which were anti-slavery songs which were also songs that were used by civil rights activists in their struggles in the 1960s. In other words they are anti-racism songs with a rich history.
By mixing these negrospirituals with We Are All Refugees, it is the racism against refugees that is being referenced and it is a poignant reminder of past anti-racist struggles that have succeeded.