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'VocalSuite' The Studio Sessions


Release Date: 05 July 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: A2Z Music



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When Malindy Sings
There Was A Time
A Lonesome Wave
Torch Of Freedom
Satta Massagana
Home At Last
Slow Blues


'best male jazz singer in Britain' (Evening Standard)

Cleveland Watkiss

Virtuoso vocalist, actor and composer, Cleveland Watkiss is perhaps one of the most versatile artists in music today. A three-time Wire/Guardian award winner, Cleveland's diverse career is a testament to the eclecticism of his talent.
Since co-founding the Jazz Warriors in the mid 80s, his musical collaborations have extended away from jazz and reggae, to pop and classical music, leading him to work with some of the greatest names on the international scene;; Bob Dylan, Bjork, Wynton Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson, Art Blakey and Maxi Priest. Cleveland has performed with symphony orchestras and also appeared on stage in both musicals and opera, most recently taking the starring role in Julian Joseph's 'Bridgetower'.
With 5 albums already to his name, his latest and most eclectic, 'VOCALSUITE' The Studio Sessions, will be released on 5th July 2010.

'VOCALSUITE' The Studio Sessions

VOCALSUITE is a unique and innovative solo project executed by a master of the human voice.

Deploying a breathtaking vocal range, that makes seamless links between musical genres, VOCALSUITE combines solo improvisation, counterpoint harmony, vocalised breakbeat loops and bass lines with digital signal processing effects, to build an extraordinary a cappella soundscape with truly orchestral dimensions. It's hard to believe that it's all coming from the voice of one man, a complete vocal orchestra.

'This album includes no synthesizers, no other musical instruments, harmonisers, autotune or any such pitch correction devices. What you hear is purely the voice of Cleveland Watkiss, as it was heard in the studio, in the true spirit of live improvisation.'

In live performance Cleveland uses electronic looping technology to record and layer the voice and produce music that evolves and develops as the audience watches and listens. No two performances are ever the same, each dependent on the mood and ambience of the space.

'Wasn't he awesome? What it takes six of us to do he does all by himself!' (Take 6, Royal Festival Hall Performance)

'One line good — but six lines just incredible' (The Independent)