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Universe Between Us


Release Date: 06 September 2010

Format: Digital

Label: Bellissima Records


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Destiny Angel 4:32
Devil Child 4:23
The Girl On The Roof 4:23
A Universe Between Us 5:03
Red Hot and Ready 4:48
The Smokin' Gun 3:57
Best Shag In The World 4:44
Don't Give Up On Me 2:20
Organizized 4:54
Some Velvet Morning 3:33
El Deludo 5.35


Nick Marsh, lead singer with 1980's alternative rock luminaries 'Flesh For Lulu' and lead guitarist in London's raucous 10 piece gypsy blues outfit The Urban Voodoo Machine finally officially releases his haunting and timeless solo album, 'A Universe Between us'.

To listen to this album is like pulling up a stall beside some beaten barfly loosened by liquor, contemplating life, love and loss. Like Charles Bukowski, Marsh is poetic without being florid;; reflective without being maudlin;; brittle and brutal whilst also deeply romantic.