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Indie music label and distributor

United City

by SOUND PEOPLE (Various)

Release Date: 02 July 2007

Format: CD Double Album

Label: Sound People



A snapshot of Leeds in 2007
No airbrushing, no stretching, no stylists. SoundPeople have captured Leeds in all its naked glory and it's a beautiful sight.
The UnitedCity compilation is a celebration of the best and the most diverse music its home city has to offer, before the packaging process has begun, and without the stifling pressures of fashion to sport, targets to meet and cash to recoup.

The Fly - "Trends have tunnel vision;; UnitedCity takes a wide-angle lens to Leeds, come see what you missed"

The Yorkshire Evening Post – "UnitedCity refuses to be pigeon holed, refuses to be categorised and genre-defined, and refuses to be cut down with a whopping 35 tracks of individual bands and musicians aiming towards the greater good of the collective of music and sound." – "UnitedCity will calm you, reassure you, and yet shock you as to how diverse and great the Leeds music scene really is"

Vibrations Magazine - "A stunning line up;; as beautiful and as ugly, as real and as unreal, as utterly diverse and as totally Yorkshire as the city it captures."