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Tribe, Castle and Nation


Release Date: 08 October 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Genepool



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1. Pace
2. Orientated x Zero
3. Diary
4. Raised
5. Coins & Cards
6. Centre Negative
7. Soldiers Prayer Book
8. Off Cold


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Four years ago, One Unique Signal emerged from West London with their debut single, the double A sided 'Lowry / Coins & Cards'. Drowned in gave the single 4 out of five and described it as 'Pure gold', the stabbed Guitars of Lowry and the pounding repetition of Coins & Cards offered an ideal glimpse into the Krautrock/Shoegaze influenced sound that dominates their live set. On the back of Lowry, they quickly expanded their live output gaining support slots alongside the likes of Girls against Boys and the pAperchase.

After a number of major setbacks including line up changes and the loss of six months mixing work, 2007 now sees the long overdue release of their DIY debut album 'Tribe, Castle & Nation'.
With the next 12 months set aside for relentless gigging all over the UK, OUS will be looking to continue the momentum built up since the single release.