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Time And Stars


Release Date: 02 June 2016

Format: Digital

Label: Believers Roast


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Tidal [1:06]

Lighthouse [5:15]

Andromeda Approaches! [3:58]

The Big Freeze [2:11]

The Sleepers Of Gliese [6:07]

Return To The Singularity [1:20]

September Song [2:05]

Season's Greet [3:55]

Niall [5:08]

Young Crescent [5:52]

Yondo [5:20]

Future Sounds [3:10]


Karda Estra's 12th album 'Time And Stars' collects the two previously relesed EPs 'The Seas & The Stars' and 'Future Sounds' on a new special edition CD. 'The Seas And The Stars' chronicles the collision between the Andromeda galaxy and our own Milky Way, the eventual end of everything, a celestial intervention and a return to where everything began - viewed from an impossible, empty shoreline. All in 20 minutes. 'Karda Estra has always provided the soundtrack to truly big ideas, deep thoughts and boundless expanse...' Dave Franklin. RICHARD WILEMAN - acoustic, electric, classical, prepared and bass guitars, keyboards, melodica, accordion, kalimba, Appalachian dulcimer, rastrophone, bouzouki, glockenspiel, orchestral samples, clock, percussion ILEESHA WILEMAN - vocals AMY FRY - clarinet, alto saxophone, flute PAUL SEARS - drums (9)