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Thug Misses (Featuring original 'My Neck, My Back')


Release Date: 18 June 2009

Format: Digital

Label: Carpe Diem

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My Neck, My Back 03:44
Hater (Skit) 00:31
F**k Dem Other Hoes 03:56
The K-Wang 05:13
You My Girl 04:30
Jealous Girls 03:01
Taz (Skit) 00:44
Don't Trust No N****z 04:22
Taz II (Skit) 00:57
Remember Me 04:42
Scooter (Skit) 00:11
F**k Dem F**K N****z 03:30
I Know You Want It 02:57
We Were Meant to Be 04:35
For My King (Tribute to the Black Man) 01:19
When I Meet My King 03:33
My Neck, My Back (Original Version) 05:10