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This Is Therapy


Release Date: 01 April 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: UPR Records



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1. Serendipity
2. Swan Breaks Arm
3. Desire Lines
4. Torr
5. Makoto
6. Pretend You're My Wife
7. The Last Human
8. Broken Gap


Fisherman's Mission are interested in being arty and overly indulgent so it comes as a great shock and a pleasure to Fisherman's Mission that people keep liking their songs.

The full line up of Fisherman's Mission was completed in February of 2007. We think. Anyway, that's frankly irrelevant so I'll move on.

Fisherman's Mission have recorded 1 album so far, called 'This is Therapy' and will be released soon. Of the time spent in the studio, it has been rumoured that Fisherman's Mission actually worked really hard, and didn't have any barries at all, but for the time being that will have to be filed as simple hearsay. The 8 track album features the songs that the band have written in the year leading up to the recording, and may be worth a few quid a some years to come so buying that would make good financial sense.

That's about it, really, given that it's nigh on impossible to describe what a band sounds like without sounding a bit odd. It's best just to have a listen, and I reckon by the time you have got this far into reading this you've got your own thoughts on that anyway. So instead, here is a list of types of cat that we like: Selkirk rex;; British Blue;; LaPerm;; Norwegian Forest;; Devon Rex and Pixie-Bob.