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Thirty Minute Star


Release Date: 10 May 2024

Format: Digital

Label: Guy Surtees Music


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Thirty Minute Star [3:09]


Thirty Minute Star is basically about me, the person who travels the country, promoting the artist, waiting around for hours to hit the stage and be a star for thirty minutes. It's also about the effects that this dual life can have on a person mentally, how it feels to tread the line between notoriety and obscurity. This is a story that will resonate with all who have trodden, and driven this road.

From the rolling hills of England emerged Guy Surtees, a troubadour with a guitar and a heart full of songs.
In 2023, this seasoned melody weaver, once a voice on the airwaves, took a leap of faith into the world of Country music. With his soulful tunes, he captured the hearts of listeners, climbing to No.1 on the iTunes Country chart and earning a nomination for UK Country Artist of the Year.
As the curtains closed on a year adorned with accolades, thousands of digital streams on Spotify and YouTube, and the echo of worldwide radio acclaim, Guy stood at the dawn of 2024. He was no longer just a singer; he was a British Country artist, poised to unveil his debut album to the world.
With a guitar in hand and the rhythm of the road calling, Guy is set to embark on a new journey filled with vibrant shows and festival fanfare. His music, a tapestry of influences from the likes of Dwight Yoakam to Chris Stapleton, resonates with the experience of over three decades in the limelight, yet it's not the spotlight he seeks. For Guy, it's about sharing his narrative, one that's etched in the chords of his guitar and the beats of his drums, to make his kin proud and spread joy through every note played.