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They Come In Dream, But Sleep Is Not An Option


Release Date: 18 November 2022

Format: Digital



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The Shock Of The Merciful Present [3:20]

Initiate [4:38]

Discontent Decree [3:07]

Shooting Off Tendrils Of Increasingly Outsize Dimensions [3:48]

Masses Moving (Storms Dance) [3:57]

Take, Night, Secrecy, Stage, Freedom, Evolve [3:48]

Don't Look Too Close, Don't Look Away [4:24]

The Hills Burst [5:39]

They Come In Dream, But Sleep Is Not An Option [3:25]

Disconnected [3:30]

Desires Find Their Object [5:08]


Veil Of Thorns continue to build on an ever expanding palette with their most varied release to date. From the stripped down, guitar driven psychedelic heaviness of old, to organic shifting soundscapes melding shades of electronic, classical, hiphop with a darker than ever gothic sensibility.

Veil of thorns started in Boston in the late -80's, when the number of Goth bands in town could be counted on one hand. Stark, angular post-punk songs give way to spare jazz-inflected tone poems that lead back into sanguine deathrock dust storms. Throughout the -90's Veil of Thorns gigged extensively in New England with a few revolving spots in the lineup. In the period between -94 and -98 they played on bills such bands as Cruxshadows, Judith and This Ascension. Many of the gigs included guest players and extensive improvisation.