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Release Date: 12 December 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Exit lounge Recordings


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Everyday, Sometimes 3:05
Sucker Trade 3:45
Say What You Want 3:03
Dazzled In The Spotlight 2:45
Clip Joint Smile 4:00
Softkill 3:12
Tarnish On Your Halo 2:58
...And The Record Plays On 4:08
Schadenfreude 3:52
Kness Up Eva Braun 4:08


EXIT LOUNGE opened its doors in late 2009.

The music policy tends towards the seamier side of garage rock and lo-fi electronica;; the sort of stuff you might hear emanating from a city bottom bar in a Metal Hurlant comic strip. If you can't imagine that, perhaps you're in the wrong place.

But since you're here, why not pull up a stool and have a drink? The clientelle aren't exactly friendly, but they'll pay you no mind. And there aren't too many places you can say that about anymore...

Proprietor of this seedy establishment is one Steve Maloney (Johnny Zhivago, Vicious Cabaret). A number of equally disreputable individuals can be found propping up the bar from time to time.

An EP appeared mid 2010. An album - 'Theriac' - will be available in digital format in late 2011.