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Release Date: 21 November 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Exit lounge Recordings


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Everyday, Sometimes [3:05]

Sucker Trade [3:45]

Say What You Want [3:03]

Dazzled In The Spotlight [2:45]

Clip Joint Smile [4:00]

Softkill [3:12]

Tarnish On Your Halo [2:58]

... And The Record Plays On [4:08]

Schadenfreude [3:52]

Knees Up Eva Braun [4:08]


EXIT LOUNGE is the occasional vanity project of STEVE MALONEY.

An Essex exile currently living in an undisclosed location in the UK, he's been inflicting music on the world for longer than he cares to recall. Some might consider it a neurotic compulsion.

He spent the latter half of the '90s playing bass in groups including The Blood Divine and Vive Finito. The new millennium saw him singing and playing guitar in Johnny Zhivago - responsible for Terminal Boredom in 2000 and Some Of The People, All Of The Time in 2001 - and Vicious Cabaret, who released Twilight Of The Idols in 2005 and The Next Utopia Will Be Better in 2007.

Then came two albums under the name Exit Lounge - Theriac in 2011 and City Bottom Blues in 2012. He saw out the decade playing guitar in Dead End Riviera and They Called Him Zone.

In 2021 a remixed version of Some Of The People, All Of The Time appeared. Johnny Zhivago's unreleased 2002 album - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold - finally saw the light of day in 2022. Both Exit Lounge albums were reissued in late 2022.

His output is a blend of garage guitars, analog electronics, and insouciant vocals - lo-fi, late night lounge punk.