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The Whole Damn World


Release Date: 26 August 2013

Format: Digital

Label: In At The Eye Records

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The Whole Damn World 3:25
Again (Feat. Jaime Lenman) 3:10


King Canute A rock band you can dance to!

There's a fire in the belly of singing bassist Jon "JC" Lett, whose visceral lyrics and punk vocal stylings are bathed in sing-a-long melodies that you will be humming for weeks. Backed by the relentless drumming powerhouse that Jack "Gump" Summerfield brings to the duo, you'll be hard pushed not to be bowled over by the fist pumping anthems that these two provide.

"There's an honesty and intensity to these songs, hidden behind the power of the amps and those drum hits." says Jon. "I believe you can be more honest through the music than anything you can express in worlds alone."