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The Unholy Feast


Release Date: 20 February 2023

Format: Digital

Label: Gizz Recordings


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What is worse than the truth [6.31]

Ratcatcher [4.32]

The Unholy Feast [4.46]

Fear of Death [5.44]

Bloodline [3.57]

Empty [4.26]

Decadence within [4.28]

Forbidden [3.31]

The Siege is on [5.00]

Igniting the Flame [3.20]

Soul on Auction [3.45]

Veiled by Greed [5.27]


The More I See, a five piece Heavy Metal band formed in Peterborough UK by Lead Guitarist Gizz Butt, previously known for being responsible for co-creating CROSSOVER with the ENGLISH DOGS, being guitarist for THE PRODIGY 96-99 and head honcho of JANUS STARK. TMIS play an extremely precise, technical, modern example of Thrash Metal. They released three albums in their lifetime, "The Wolves Are Hungry" on SPV , "The Unholy Feast" on TMG and "The Disappearing Humans" on Earache. The first two albums line up was: Gizz Butt - Lead Guitar, Chad Sunderland - Vocals, Lee Churchill Bass and Gav King - Rhythm and drummer Alex Cummins played first album, Spike Smith played second. Third album was Gizz - Lead, James Cluer - Vocals and Rhythm, Drew Markwick - Bass, Harri Wright - Drums. Check videos on YouTube and contact via Facebook.