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The Sun Won't Ever Set on Rock n Roll


Release Date: 09 March 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: GG Music Ltd



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1. Tempus Fugit (The 1st Rule of Rock n Roll) (Goddard) 2.40
2. Number 99 (Clayton) 2.48
3. Snake Dance Boogie (McCoy) 2.13
4. That's My Baby (Thomas) 2.25
5. Cherokee Boogie (Mullican-Redbird) 2.23
6. Mailman (Barratt) 2.40
7. Flophouse Boogie (Goddard) 2.13
8. The Present (Goddard) 2.01
9. Break Of Day (Clayton) 2.26
10. Got My Sights on Someone New (S.Bono) 2.27
11. Rock n Roll Blues (Langhorn) 2.21
12. It Ain't The Age (It's The Mileage!) (Goddard) 3.10
13. Apron Strings (Weiss-Schroeder) 2.38
14. Hey Then There Now (Jones-Pompilli) 2.24
15. The Shape I'm In (Restivo) 1.58
16. The Sun Won't Ever Set On Rock 'n' Roll (Thomas) 2.22


The Sunsets… Rockin', rollin' dancin' stompin' music from a band that started with a bunch of kids in 1958, and grew into one of the iconic backing bands of the 60s and 70s, touring extensively with Shakin Stevens throughout the UK and Europe. With over 30 years of continuous regular performing, The Sunsets deliver a memorable and exciting rock n' roll experience. The music does indeed live does the look! With young guitar sensation 19 year old Lewis Clayton joining The Sunsets in 2007, the band is thrilling a whole new generation of Rockabilly fans. Their latest CD release "The Sun Won't Ever Set on Rock n Roll" is a really authentic sounding album comprising many new 1950s style songs written by The Sunsets together with some less well known tracks from that era, which the band covers in their own original way. Email:[email protected]