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The Second Time We First Met


Release Date: 01 May 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: FRR



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Brians drying up 4.34
Come near 4.18
Invisible robes 3.46
I won't make you better 3.37
Winterbury 3.51
The woman in the high tower 2.53
You must be somewhere 4.52


From conception to end has taken two long years but Francis Neve's stunning debut concept album "The second time we first met"is well worth the wait. Emerging from a scene dominated by rasping guitars and aggressive vocals it is a refreshingly different take on the post rock genre. This is a calming and subtle record which is sonically effortless and beautifully understated whilst somehow remainig as original as guitar bands can get. Francis Neve is signed to East London based Independent label FRR. The release date for the album is the 1st of May and expect to see shows in and around London later in the year.