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The Road Journals


Release Date: 20 August 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Transcend Music


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Introduction 1:51
Lifeless, Awaken 4:32
Distance 3:42
Ghost Part i (The Figure Brushed in White) 1:33
Ghost Part ii (The Seraph Garden) 1:21
Ghost Part iii (The Messanger) 4:11
Mistakes I Have To Live With 4:35
The Road Journals 5:35
Disaronno Lips 1:58
Eyes For The Blind, Ears For The Deaf 3:30
05.35 1:50
If We Make It Home 4:51


Hailing from the Northern depths of Liverpool, the scouse metal quintet deliver a fast paced high energy custom brand modern take on metal. Already holding a debut album that crushed the critics under their belt, the band power on as they release their second studio album The Road Journals.