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The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused


Release Date: 24 January 2004

Format: CD Album

Label: Something in Construction



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1. The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused.
2. Goliath.
3. The Catbird Seat.
4. Time.
5. Breathe.
6. Motion Pictures.
7. Glass Walls.
8. Conversation.
9. New Obsession.
10. Linus.
11. Hey You Hurray.


This is The Silent League, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Justin Russo provided the orchestral keyboards on Mercury Rev's "Deserter's Songs".
He is the singer and he plays the piano.
The Silent League have spun you a beautiful record, on which Justin leads a veritable swarm of musicians: a Mercury Rev here, an Interpol there, glockenspiel and super star mariachi horns everywhere. When they play, there are usually at least 8 heads on stage.

This is an album not to be rushed. Take the phone off the hook. Pop your feet up. Place your glass down next to you, gaze out of the window and wait for the sun to burst through the clouds.
For as long as it takes.

This, their debut album, has achieved a critical clean sweep in the US, and British press have followed suit...