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Indie music label and distributor

The Northern Soul of Shrine


Release Date: 22 May 2009

Format: Digital



She Went Away-Linda & The Vistas
I'll Understand-Leroy Taylor
Mystery-Jimmy Armstrong
No More Like Me-Ray Pollard
This Time-Ray Pollard
Watch Your Step-The Cautions
Is It Right-The Cautions
Mad At the World-The Epsilons
I'm So Devoted-The Epsilons
I Know About Her-The DC Blossoms
Hey Boy-The DC Blossoms
I Won't Be Coming Back-J D Bryant
Walk On In-J D Bryant
The Weekend-Sidney Hall
I'm a Lover-Sidney Hall
It's Your Love-Shirley Edwards
Dream My Heart-Shirley Edwards
Don't Fight It-The Cairos
Stop Overlooking Me-The Cairos
Guess Who Loves You-Eddie Daye
What Am I Gonna Do-Eddie Daye
I'll Never Let You Get Away-Bill Dennis
Poor Little Fool-Bill Dennis
Deeper-Les Chansonettes
Don't Let Him Hurt You-Les Chansonettes
No Other Way-The Cautions
Poor Loser-The Cautions
Huh Baby-The Prophets
If I Had-The Prophets


Peaches Baby-The Counts
My Only Love-The Counts
Shame-The Enjoyables
I'll Take You Back-The Enjoyables
Do What I Want-The Cavaliers
Let Me Walk Away-Tippie
Wait 'Till I Get There-Tippie
Caladonia Brown-Bobby Reed
Baby Don't Leave Me-Bobby Reed
I Won't Believe It 'Till I See It-Little Bobby Parker
Take It from Me-Traci
Fall Guy-The Cautions
Take a Look At Your Baby-The Cautions
I Believe I'll Love On-Jimmy Armstrong
I Ain't Worried About You-Leroy Taylor & The Four Kays