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The Night Has An Alibi


Release Date: 17 December 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Wonslynberg


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The Night Has An Alibi 4:20


His live performances have been described as 'a punk poet mongrel cross-breed between Jarvis Cocker and Ryan Adams' and his award winning songwriting abilities have been compared to such classic artists as Billy Bragg and Morrissey. However the life of young Wons Phreely didn't start out on such sparkling high notes;; 'when I was 14 I got in a bit of trouble, I was running with a bad scene and ended up in juvenile detention for boys who liked to borrow cars without necessarily seeking the owners permission. It was rough, but I was given my first guitar and learned to play and saw how songs can lift peoples soul'. And its lucky for us that Wons did learn such lessons, because since those rough beginning he has gone on to release 2 EPs, garnering such review quotes as "Debut of the year" –Sydney City Hub. "The years best album" –InPress.