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The Masquerade


Release Date: 23 April 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Protest Recordings




Black 7-inch single
1. The Masquerade
2. The Masquerade Friendly Bombs Remix


Formed in Netley Abbey near Southampton mid-2003 at the age of 15, Rival Joustas have stormed their inaugural gigs with a sonic confidence that puts more established acts to shame. Their progressive, experimental rock spiked with streaks of punk and flecks of funk won them a 'battle of the bands' as well as a performance at London's Astoria aged just 16, and has now led to a host of intrepid opportunities.

With an unhealthy fascination with pagan rituals and epic creations such as 'Zelda', their "mind-bending psychedelic stoner rock" (V, 2007) has led them to support neo-prog rock groups like the Mystery Jets (where the vocalist once even broke his heel jumping off a 15 feet concrete installation at the tour's closing gig!) as well as 65daysofstatic, Hadouken! and Good Books. They also repeatedly wow the crowds at their own gigs with performances all over UK, and a 'home base' at Southampton's legendary Joiners', winning them a frenzied fanbase which continues to grow rapidly.

Their debut single, The Masquerade, was produced and mixed by Mark Williams at Criterion Studios (formerly the legendary Battery Studios), and mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis. The 7''/CD single contain a track remix by Isaac Ferry (with Henry Seligman – 'Friendly Bombs').