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The Mania Of Crowds


Release Date: 30 September 2021

Format: Digital



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Eyes Of The Hive [7:39]

Peace By Piece [7:31]

Soul Abyss [6:50]

The Mania Of Crowds [5:17]

They Are All Gone

The Fall Of Because [7:47]


From before and outside time as pure potential, manifest beneath and througout every phenomenon of existence and the medium that only through which any action being is possible. What is encoded within these sounds is hidden from those who have no direct experience in working the current of chaos, but for the initiated, the keys to the mysteries are extended with a generous proffering hand.

These tracks were originally released in 2014 as part of the "Arcanum Ab Chao split release between Choronzon and BALEYYG. The latter entity of great mystery has withdrawn from the dying world, but we have a new mix and master to offer up. The temptation was to re-record parts, but the choice was made to leave the raw material as it was.