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Indie music label and distributor

The Lost Soul of Darrell Banks


Release Date: 10 May 2009

Format: Digital



1 Open the Door to Your Heart
2 Angel Baby
3 You Better Go
4 Here Comes the Tears
5 I've Got That Feelin'
6 I'm Gonna Hang My Head and Cry
7 Look Into the Eyes of a Fool
8 Our Love Is In the Pocket
9 The Love of My Woman
10 I'm Knocking At Your Door, Please Let Me In
11 I Wanna Go Home
12 Harder You Love
13 I Could Never Hate Her
14 Don't Know What to Do
15 Only the Strong Survive
16 I'm the One Who Loves You
17 My Love Is Strictly Reserved for You
18 I Will Fear No Evil
19 Baby What'cha Got for Me
20 Somebody, Somewhere Needs You
21 Just Because Your Love Is Gone
22 Forgive Me
23 Beautiful Feeling
24 Never Alone
25 No One Blinder
26 When a Man Loves a Woman
27 We'll Get Over