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The lost Album – Just For The Record


Release Date: 19 April 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Fish Food



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This Is It
Town Full Of Tears
Let's Tamgo
Someone Da Da Da
The Wind Keeps Blowing (And I Keep Falling)
I'm Reeling
One Nil At Home
Coming Back
A Kind Of Girl
Inside Out
Trouble With Mondays
Another Masquerade


Sometimes, things don't go according to plan, or desire.

The Delilahs (Muriel Rhyner, Isabella Eder and Sonja Zimmerli) formed in 2005, and were the most beautiful 18-year old visions of hard-edged guitar pop imaginable.

This is their one and only album, completed in April 2007. A protracted legal battle has delayed its release until now and Sonja Zimmerli left the band in 2007. With the popular drummer of the original band now departed, The Delilahs were dead.

So why would anyone be interested? A fair question - but in some ways irrelevant. This album still represents a small corner of music history. And times weren't all bad, either. A lot of passion went into its creation. Such small contributions, no matter how troubled or insignificant, make up the bigger picture and thus deserve their place in the public domain.

These are the songs that were featured at over 100 gigs throughout Europe in 2006, and include the 2 singles past and 4 projected. The UK debut release of 'This Is It' on limited vinyl in March 2006 showed the promise of the band, and earned them quite some attention in the music media, including BBC Radio 1 and the front page of the Observer Music Monthly – along with Massive Attack, The Raconteurs and Sugarbabes. Well that was that, and this is:

The Lost Album - Just For The Record.