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The Kernow Sessions


Release Date: 10 February 2023

Format: Digital

Label: Fat Toad Records


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Bad News LIVE [05.33]

Refuge LIVE [04.04]

Four Million Days LIVE [05.33]

Still Go Marching In LIVE [06.26]

Keep It On The Down-low LIVE [06.05]

Caught In The Middle LIVE [04.00]

Solid Ground LIVE [08.44]

Mammon LIVE [05.52]

Move Too Fast LIVE [06.29]

Judgement Day LIVE [05.33]

Good Stuff LIVE [06.03]

I'm Alive LIVE [06.10]

1970 LIVE [05.58]


Wille and the Bandits have played festivals and venues across the world, from Broadway to the West End, and Belgrade to Sydney and have had their fair share of recognition, being picked to perform at the London Olympics after being voted one of UK's best live acts; being listed in the Top Ten must see bands at Glastonbury by BBC Radio 1; and being personally invited to perform on the German TV show Rockpalast, a musical institution of global import.

Their new album "The Kernow Sessions" has been a vision for a while now, a recorded and filmed live album featuring special guests. The whole session was filmed so each track from the album will be accompanied by a video.

Wille and the Bandits are one of the most hard working touring acts and are set to tour their new album right across Europe this year. The album features some of the UK's finest musicians guesting with the band; the result - a whirlpool of Bluesy tones under-pinned by psychedelic tendencies that carry the listener on a musical journey that only WATB have the map for. With even more depth and texture being added to WATB's expansive sound the results are world class!