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The Hands Of Orlac


Release Date: 08 March 2014

Format: Digital



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Things To Come [6:16]
Merging With Evil [5:32]
Strange Compulsions [16:00]
To Resist Possession [2:08]
Never Alone [3:56]
Dreams Of Locomotive Steam [4:16]
Never Alone [4:08]
Disturbing Reveries [7:34]
Ridden By The Current [3:56]
Desires Not His Own [9:00]
Hands [6:04]
Resolution [14:48]


This atmospheric silent masterpiece was a recent discovery. I was so inspired by this film visually that I set out to compose a score for it the moment I had finished watching it for the first time.

Made with love for this film, love for the silent classics and love for the music.

-P. Emerson Williams

The Hands of Orlac (1924)

A concert pianist, Paul Orlac (Conrad Veidt), loses his hands in a railway accident. Replacement hands are transplanted onto him in an experimental procedure, but the hands are those of a recently-executed murderer. From that point forward, the pianist is tortured by panic attacks and irrational fears. He believes that with the hands of the murderer he has also gained the murderer's predisposition to killing. Strange signs and bizarre threatening letters reinforce these fears. When his father is killed, with whom he was on bad terms, the pianist is suspected of the murder. He only finds peace by clearing up the plot.