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The Golden Beatle


Release Date: 19 May 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Legion



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1. Savour
2. Beginners
3. The Golden Beatle
4. Hobo Occupation
5. Mistakes I Have Made
6. My Own Pollution
7. Kites
8. Turned Me Around
9. I'm Maculate
10. Poor Me
11. The Kingdom Within
12. Sometimes The Good


"Hinting of the likes of early ambient Orb or Aphex Twin mixed with country folk and the lyrics of say someone as great as Dylan. EFJ has dubbed the sound as being 'Folktronica'." – MusicNews

"Debut AA side from the Welshman, Poor Me and Kites are two delightful folk songs that showcase the exquisite songwriting style of this artist. Instrumentally understated and rich in melody, this is a promising introduction that should serve as a strong introduction to his talents'." - MusicWeek

"Their vibrant music bursts at its technicoloured seams with honeyed harmonies and pedal steel guitar, and, for the icing on the cake, the band throw dozens of shakers into the crowd for ultimate audience participation in their rhythmic carnival of a finale Hobo Occupation. As far as Cardiff's best kept secret is concerned well, they won't be a secret for much longer." – Carling Tuborg

"Out now, this debut album, is a quiet, lo-fi revelation;; an aurally rich combination of melodic brilliance;; harmonies of childlike innocence and the kind of euphoric lyrics that might have been written to encourage a depressive to make the leap from merely existing to actually living." – Metro Magazine

"Francis pays homage to traditional American music albeit with an electronic twist here and there. Though the sound of these hills may be more Wichita than Wales, Francis' instrumental mastery and poetic lyrics easily span the gap. Now performing with a live band to deliver his gloriously ragged sing-alongs fused with synth experimentation, this old talent has been reborn with a newfound maturity." - FlavourPil

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