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The Game


Release Date: 02 April 2023

Format: Digital

Label: N/A

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Full Moon [3.55]

the Game [6.29]

The Hunt [5.55]

Catch you when your falling [6.25]

The Fall [6.25]

Fire [3:28]

What you Doing Tonight? [4:37]

Life [6:36]

Human [3:14]

Watch over you [4:07]

Goodbye [4:05]


Debut Album from RAW THE BAND. A collective of like minded souls from Rutland in The UK. The songs are written by guitarist Wayne 'Wayno' Kelly, & are his perspective on some of the Life experiences collective members have gone through, whilst playing together. Always with a story telling focus, Some songs come as dreams, some as full blown videos! The trilogy of The Game, The Hunt, The Fall, follows 3 parts of a journey on of the collective members went through. The character in 'Full moon' will feature on the 2nd album due out at the end of 2023 / early 2024