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The Forest of Pi


Release Date: 25 June 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Blood and Desire Records


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Exile [4:29]
New world [3:18]
First day [3:45]
Come tonight [4:41]
Remember when [2:46]
Coming home [5:48]
The last Spring [1:47]
Hold me [3:05]
Benedictus [4:26]
The return [6:09]


Renegade Priest is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in the Progressive Rock genre. He is also a priest in the Church of England. Renegade Priest's influences on this album are post-Fish Marillion and post-Waters Pink Floyd. His album was recorded at Priesthole Studios, London, UK and Mastered in Los Angeles and the South of France. The album is intensely autobiographical, tracking a life's journey through moments of loss and separation - but with a deep sense of hope and personal redemption underpinning it all. This is ambient Prog Rock at its very best;; haunting melodies, soaring guitars and ambient keyboards. This album is a mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks.