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The Fight Is Not Over


Release Date: 09 July 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Third Bar

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Fake Friends Run This Country [3:08]

Mr Gumble [3:35]

Territory [2:11]

Sell By Date [3:53]


'The Fight Is Not Over' is a live EP which captures the protest music of four of Belfast's most vocal and impassioned bands: Sister Ghost, Strange New Places, Gender Chores and Problem Patterns.

"As much as the little victories are meaningful and worth celebrating, our work is not done. While injustice persists, we won't shut up. Until a sea-change in our society affords us autonomy, rather than oppression, we will not be satisfied. We aren't there yet. Which is why we're still here. The fight is not over. Join us in it." Ash – Strange New Places

The Fight Is Not Over will be released on vinyl and on all digital platforms on 9th July.