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The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart


Release Date: 12 September 2012

Format: CD:EP

Label: Strawbychka Recordings



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One Dry Eye In The House Of God 3:27
Vasilisa: The Girl Who Lived In The Dark 3:34
The City Of Dreadful Night 3:49
The Rest Is Silence 5:48
London By Lamplight 5:00
Lily 6:15
The Eternal Mystery Of The Human Heart 20:27


While weaving tales of love, heartache and fantasy in his intensely dark and mystical style, Dan Shears is proving himself to be one of London's more interesting and captivating artists. Beautiful, flowing vocal melodies, with lyrics that bring to mind carnivalesque lullabies, cascade over delicate and intricate guitar work and songs so immersed in passion that they're sure to haunt the memory long after the first listen.

Dan Shears recalls Matt Bellamy's slower and more resonant tones but the Muse similarities end there. With an incredibly wide vocal range and a gorgeous poetic quality, he has a sharp wit and cockney charm and a voice that evokes memories of artists as diverse as Nick Cave, Morrissey, Frankie Valli, Ray Davies and Roy Orbison amongst others.

Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra's first EP, The Eternal Mystery Of The Human Heart', was originally released in the Spring of 2010. Now re-released, a second EP will follow in the Autumn of 2012.