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The Dartmoor National Park Tapes

by DAL

Release Date: 28 July 2023

Format: Digital

Label: Dal Recordings

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Vesti MOTM [2:42]

Cousin's Number [02:44]

Dartmoor National Park [04:16]

Jackson Moloin [00:47]

Nylon Kibylon [01:43]

Decide 2 [04:56]

Creamo's [01:29]

Heung Min's Thought [01:42]

Shiroud [02:29]


Dal's first long-form release 'The Dartmoor National Park Tapes' represents a moment in time, and an exploration into the bands formative sound. Presented as more of a beat tape, the 9 tracks form a story of their time spent living and recording music over the pandemic, deep within Dartmoor National Park.