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The Best of Matchbox


Release Date: 25 April 2005

Format: CD Album

Label: Matchbox Recordings



1. Nathan Persad – Clean up my Act
2. The Treliks – I just Don't Get it
3. The Drown – When I sleep Next to You
4. Playing Nervous – Beautiful Face
5. Esque – Start letting it go
6. Just – As Monday Comes
7. Frogland – Aiming High
8. The Mariachis – Condolences
9. Groovycide – She's the One for Me
10. Matt Saxton – Anybody Care
11. John Jackson – Calling Mr In-Between
12. Graeme Hughes – Humankind
13. Dale Olivier – Mary
14. Lucky – Superstar
15. Trevor John – I Went to school with Elizabeth Hurley
16. Regan – Heaven Knows
17. Jon Smith – Hymn 69
18. Niall James Holohan - Unsigned Pretty Little Girl
19. Sweet Black Angels – Envy
20. Rusty Springfield – Drop a Bomb


One of Europe's largest totally independent Record labels Matchbox Recordings is set to release a Best of compilation album. 'Independent – The Best of Matchbox' will hit all good U.K record shops on the 25 April 2005.

The album features a selection of the best Matchbox Recordings bands and artists since the label began in 2000. From the British Army's only endorsed rock band Groovycide (who went from the barracks to Radio 1 and Q Magazine) to The Treliks who went from the rockabilly underground to Radio 2 and the U.K top 100. From Lucky who sang backing vocals with Dido to The Drown who boast David Bowie's guitarist and producer as a band member.

Head of A&R and Matchbox label owner Dale Olivier said " This album features a wealth of classic and melodic solo artists, new rock, Indie, Punk and electro bands that are currently ruling the worldwide Indie underground. It isn't just a great rock, pop and punk compilation it's a great song compilation".