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The Bad Joke That Ended Well


Release Date: 13 February 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Stolen Body Records




1. Journey Man 02:33
2. I'm Not There 04:13
3. Hold My Hand 03:56
4. Mountains 03:28
5. Rain Comes Down 02:59
6. Dance of the Dead 02:41
7. Sundown and Out 04:17
8. Strangler 05:10


The bad joke that ended well play psychedelic garage rock n roll. This is their second record released on Stolen Body Records. "The Bad Joke That Ended Well now deliver an album's worth of full-psych-garage 70´s jams that if there was ever an second album that I'd recommend listening to, it would be this one" We are the last Beatniks "Blues and booze-ified 60s-inspired jangly garage rock, with Cobain-like growls and enough fuzz to give you a bad case of cottonmouth" Ongakubaka "...Lots of organ mixed to the front of the recording, and a vocalist that sounds as if he has sung along to The Sonics more than once in his life" SpaceRock Mountain "Psychedelic garage rock with a dirty organ taking center stage. Touching base with 13th Floor Elevators, The Doors and Pere Ubu. Grumbling distortion applied to gut-wrenching blues licks, topped off with hoarse lead vocals" Here Comes The Flood