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That Love Sound


Release Date: 08 February 2010

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Slimeball Records



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A That Love Sound
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London based 5-piece Japanese Voyeurs should've probably been born 20 years ago, in an era when ripped jeans and plaid shirts were all the rage and a disenfranchised youth of a generation X ruled the roost, but 'hey!' let's not hold that against them, because Japanese Voyeurs have taken the sum core ingredient of Grunge and maximized it with their love of rock and raucous guitars, turning it up to number #11, with their own, new ferocious slant. Resulting in a sound that is sure to make most other bands' balls shrivel in comparison.

Already out is the "Sicking & Creaming" EP released on Slimeball Records, a bunch of old demos which the band were told they should release by an Yaqui Indian shaman, who came to them in a dream, while they were smashed out of their heads, in their rehearsal room one night, on peyote. They still have the scars to prove it!

Japanese Voyeurs… be careful what you Google for

Japanese Voyeurs are:
Vocals: Romily Walden
Lead Guitar: Thomas Lamb
Keyboards: Richard Waldron
Drums: Tom Russell
Bass Guitar: Jonathon Seymour